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Pou Group
Student Maori designs.

Students Pou Group Design

To develop student’s knowledge and skills in “Visual Arts” students were given the opportunity to create individual and a group art projects that would be displayed in the new school library. This would help develop their skills and competences in storytelling, visual communication, thought processes, expressive ideas and artistic design, concentration, and problem-solving.

Essential Skills:

  • Artistic Flare
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Social and Co-operative
  • Problem Solving

Students Learnt :

  • Basic colour design concepts.
  • Basic understanding of Maori Symbols and their meanings.
  • Working independently and in group situations.
  • Visualizing and creating their designs.
Student learning maori paint techniques from tutor Daniel Ormsby.

Tradition Maori Art

Traditional Māori art was characterised by an integration of form and function. Objects were made to serve a primarily practical or symbolic purpose. Traditionally Maori art used 3 basic colours, red, black and white.

'Contemporary Māori art', URL:, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage), updated 9-May-2014

Contemporary Maori Art Creation

Students were given the task of designing a piece of contemporary Maori art based on the koru symbol. They were given the opportunity to use a colour palette of their choice and use a technique that would enhance their works of art and bring them to life.



  • Visualizing their design.
  • Choosing a colour palette.
  • Preparing their medium.
  • Drawing the design.
  • Painting their art work.
An example students purple coloured contemporary-maori-art.

Students Pou

Students Pou with design outline.

Students now had the task of creating a design for their student designed Pou that would be displayed in the new school library.

Their design had to be a group effort, they had to come up with a design concept and colour pallet that would be suitable for the environment for which it would be displayed in.

Students painting their design on to the pou.

It was to be a long but worth while project for the students having nearly completed their pou ready to be unveiled at the opening of the new library.

Student nearly completed Pou.