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Otorohanga South School Staff
Mr Shawn Gielen Principal
Mrs Gillian Dampney Deputy Principal/Release
Mrs Ann Easter Assistant Principal Room 11 NE/Y1

Seniors Year 7 & 8
Angela Nield Senior Teacher Room 1
Rebekah Cosgrove Teacher Room 2
Georgina Glenn Teacher Room 3

Middle Year 5 & 6
Mr Andrew Bruce Teacher Room 4
Sharon Matangi Senior Teacher Room 5
Briar Dampney Senior Teacher Room 6

Upper Juniors Year 3 & 4
Laura Rumbles Senior Teacher Room 12
Kerry-Anne Absalom Teacher Room 7
Roanna Henderson Teacher Room 14

Juniors Year 1 & 2
Mrs Faith Miller Teachers Room 8
Sarah Managh Teacher Room 9
Karen Bruce Release Teacher Room 9

Juniors Year 0 & 1
Miss Mary Kenealy Senior Teacher Room 10
Mrs Ann Easter Teacher/Assistant Principal Room 11
Release Teachers
Mrs Karen Bell Room 11
Mrs Karen Bruce Room 9

Calida Brunton Teacher Hard Materials
Mrs Christine Melville Teacher Food and Fabric

Office & Library
Sandra Rattray Librarian Enrolment Officer
Mrs Jody van der Hoek Office Manager  

Main Stream Teacher Aides
Tanya Edwards Mrs Lou Crum Mrs Andrea Grainger

Room 13
Margaret Miller Teacher Room 13
Teacher Aides
Mrs Christine Mitchell Mrs Angie McPhee Mrs Sharon Staples

Support Staff
Mrs Dayna Keyte Cleaner  
Mrs Marita Moore Cleaner  
Adrin Norozi-Iranzad Caretaker  

Swimming Sports
Great breathing technique by upper junior student.
The look of an elite athlete.
Practicing his kicking technique.
Students all snuggled up after their big race.
Miss T and Miss Barnett confirm results.
Student demonstrates perfect free style stroke.
Student has perfect timing off the blocks for his year 7 free style race
Students neck and neck in senior boys butterfly event.