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Summer Fun Middle and Senior Syndicates
Students having fun pitching their tent for the sleep over.

Students having fun in the sun in the pool and on the play grounds.

SCHOOL GALA-Friday 8th March

  • Are you able to help out in the lead up to the Gala? You won’t be given a huge job, but more help is needed to get things cracking. Contact the office if you can help. Raffle tickets will be coming home soon. Please return your sold raffle ticket butts and money. If you cannot sell your tickets then return them as we’ll pass them on to other students.
  • Groceries: We would like each family to donate 3 grocery items for our popular Gala Grocery raffle. To get a good variety of items for the raffle we suggest children bring items starting with their initials e.g. John David Smith = Juice, dates, soy milk. Please bring your grocery items to the office.
  • We need volunteers to help on the gala day with manning stalls and activities and cleaning up after the gala. Even if you can only spare an hour, we value your help. If you can help please call the school office - 873 8530.
  • We need 15 kgs of mince for nachos. If you are able to donate any please drop it off to the school office.
  • We all want to have a chance to enjoy the gala with our children, the more helpers we get, the less time each person will be rostered on an activity.