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Te Awamutu Space Station
Saphrina Witbrock leaving south school.

Last Friday the Middle Syndicate spent the day at the Te Awamutu Space Station. We were given a in-depth talk about space where we learnt more about what its like on the planets in our solar system. We then explore the space centre and the vast collection they had of space related artefacts and memorabilia, information and displays about space and astronomy and interactive displays and games. Students were able to experience a 10 minute virtual experience that stimulates being in space. Special thanks to the parents that provided transport and supervision.

New teacher Ayla Goddard return to South School.

Final Farewell

It is with sadness and at the same time a sense of anticipation as I finish up at Oto South. It hasn't really sunken in yet that my time here has come to an end Thank you to the committed staff, board members and parents as well as the community and most importantly our wonderful students.

COPS Writing Competition South School students.