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Letter from the Prime Minister
South School students enjoying getting a letter from the Prime Minister.

In Term 1 we were learning about Endangered Species as part of our Topic. We were really concerned about NZ's Maui Dolphin and decided to write a letter to the Prime Minister. We told her why we thought they should be protected and shared our ideas on solving the problem. Jacinda responded by saying "I completely agree that NZ's Maui Dolphin are very special and that we need to do more to try and protect them".

South School students learning lots from Nicky and Harold.

Life Education

We've learnt loads of amazing information about the human body with Nicky and Harold in the Life Education truck. In the photo we are exploring the heart and how it pumps oxygen all around our body. When we exercise, our heart has to pump faster.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Interview booking slips have been included with this newsletter. Please return the interview slip or call the office to book a time. Please make the most of the opportunity to attend these interviews to discuss your child's progress, attitude, achievement and social interactions that have gone on over the past year.